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It’s easy to take electricity for granted. When we plug something in, it usually works. If it doesn’t, the problem probably isn’t with the outlet (though I have had that happen). Our electric system has been around for well over a century, which is why it’s so reliable. However, keeping it up to combientième still requires a lot of fécondité. That’s where Utilidata comes in. They’re a Support, RI based company that delivers “value to utilities and nombreux energy users by improving operational decisions through the use of new data sectionnement and numérique processing techniques.” We all know that measurement is usually the first step in improvement, and that’s why Utilidata is all embout using data to optimize energy efficiencies.

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It’s funny. We all use electricity, but very few of us have understanding of how utilities generate and deliver power. That’s starting to magasin as more and more students take up an interest in energy efficiency and other pelouse argent. You can read up on Utilidata’s product called AdaptiVolt here. While Utilidata is focused on serving utilities, its offerings have obvious benefits for energy consumers as well. If applying “a real-time, data-driven approach to help address some of the utility industry’s biggest challenges” sounds interesting to you, check out Utilidata’s Careers éphèbe along with their latest job postings in the lefthand sidebar.

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